Fresh out of Udaan School of Photography in 2015 he dived right into the harsh pit of photojournalism. Amidst the sweat and heat, Kartik captured the truth with his lens. This was the beginning of a career that opened a new gateway for the story-teller within him. This path eventually led him to discover the world of Cinema.

He then joined Whistling Woods International in 2017 and shinned in the field of cinematography. In this environ, he experienced the perfect marriage between his photojournalism experience and fictional story- telling. He found honesty amalgamated with beauty in the frames of the films he captured. Alongside this, he built a mammoth body of work as a cinematographer. Having worked on copious amount of short films, fashion films, music videos, stills and digital content, Kartik’s love for telling a story through images nurtured into a successful profession over the years. His story is just beginning… Kartik strives to create pictures, both still and motion, that eventually provoke an honest emotion or an alluring experience, perhaps; even both.